XIIth Florence Biennale

Save the date!  XIIth Florence Biennale 18–27 October 2019 – Fortezza da Basso, Florence – Italy Dear Ms. Jeanette Lamb, We are pleased to inform you that the Florence Biennale International Selection Committee examined your artistic work and curriculum, and expressed its favourable opinion about your participation in the forthcoming edition of the International contemporary art biennial of … Continue reading XIIth Florence Biennale


OSTALGIA These works draw inspiration from a spattering of historical & present contexts –namely the Cold War. Compositions are layered with musical scores dating from 1900’s (all originally published in Leipzig, Germany). Fragments of the scores are surrounded by colors and imagery from the 20th-century that solicit awareness of political upheaval and its impact on the … Continue reading OSTALGIA


Fruhling (German: Spring) uses heavy contrasts inspired by weather variations that happen when seasons change — the unstable atmosphere swirls with waves of warmth and cold. From these poles, the earth bursts forth with new growth. Días y Horarios Del viernes 30 de Junio al domingo 02 de Julio de 2017. · Viernes 30 de Junio. … Continue reading Fruhling

Love Letters

Rethinking collage, Love Letters is an intimate visual journey that relies on elements of an affair between the artist and poems composed by her lover. All the works are on handmade paper, upon which words and colors play between the lines of what’s seen and unseen, soliciting questions about personal and public displays of affection in the … Continue reading Love Letters


FRAGMENTS OF SOLIDARITY This exhibition examines deconstruction & reconstruction. Materials — such as street posters — are repurposed and replanted into a new context. Their meaning morphs, in the same way, the human condition changes as one wanders from one environment into another. AIROL RESIDENCY: Schönfeld, Paul-Heyse-Str 14. Leipzig, DE 04347 Nov 2015 – April 2016 … Continue reading FRAGMENTS OF SOLIDARITY